Automatically controlled kites to harvest high-altitude wind energy

The high-altitude winds in the troposphere represent an untapped energy source that is larger than the world’s current energy needs.  Kitenergy’s innovation relies on high technology ultralight wings tethered to the ground station by two ropes, reaching altitudes up to 800 m above ground level. At such flight level, winds are stronger and more frequent than at the operation range of last generation windmills. The path of the kites is continuously monitored using on-board avionics with RF telemetry link and is  driven by an autonomous flight control unit, acting on the tethers to steer the kite along the real-time calculated trajectory.

Electricity is generated at ground level by converting the traction forces acting on the tethers into electrical power, through the main generators connected to the barrel drums. The whole system architecture including the electric drives, the generators, the drums, the on-board sensors and all the hardware needed to control a single kite is denoted as Kite Steering Unit (KSU) and is the core of Kitenergy’s technology.