Mini grids play a critical role in providing electricity to rural communities and businesses and in helping to connect the 900 million people worldwide who currently do not have access to electricity. The Global Off-Grid Market was valued at $3.18 Bn in 2014, and reached $7.2 Bn by 2019, at a CAGR of 17.8% from 2014 to 2019. High power reliability level and the need for an effective demand-response load management present a conducive ecosystem for off-grid to flourish. The estimated cost of electricity for isolated solar hybrid mini-grids is $0.49 – 0.68 / kWh.

Island communities

We analyzed 20 Italian small islands, currently relying on Diesel generators and clear water supply by ships, and their electrification and energy transition objectives, concluding that 70% could take profit of Kitenergy technology. There are approximately 3300 islands with similar characteristics and needs in the Mediterranean, more than ten thousands in the world.

16.10.2020_Island Cyprus


In Eastern Europe as well as in large Countries like Canada, Australia, South Africa or Argentina there are many large farms far away from major cities and with truly limited infrastructures. In these areas, there is a relevant dependence from oil supplies. In the world, approximately 100 people or organization globally own more than 40.000.000 hectares for breeding and farming.


Mining and Oil&Gas

Specific energy intensive sectors, such as mining or pipeline development, requires moving energy sources. Many companies are integrating diesel generators with renewable sources to reduce their environmental impact, with evident limitations in terms of available nominal power from current technologies. Kitenergy is mainly targeting ancillary applications such as backup, mobile office and dormitory lighting and mining support activities.

16.10.2020_Mining Australia