About us

Imagine a way to produce clean energy from an untapped renewable source, with a lean and capital- efficient technology that generates electricity at a price potentially cheaper than the one generated by the fossil fuels. Then, take this technology and bring wherever there is a need for energy but it is very difficult or very expensive to have it.
At Kitenergy, an Italian startup founded in 2010, we are proud to have developed such a technology, transforming the visionary invention of generating energy from high altitude wind into reality at a cost not only lower compared to state-of-the-art wind turbine generators but also interestingly competitive to conventional fossil sources. After years of fruitful developments, we have now a small scale portable prototype which performs in line with expectations and that has already raised interest from potential customers. Our R&D is engaged in the industrialization process and is preparing for the development of other small and medium size generators for various markets and industries both for onshore and offshore applications.

Our company is composed of a group of professionals ranging from a variety of disciplines including engineering, physics, mechanics, environmental science, management consulting and finance that have worked at the development of high altitude wind technologies since 2006, in collaboration with the Complex Systems Modeling & Control group of Politecnico di Torino and selected high-tech engineering firms. The team is recognized at international level as pioneer in this field and has been granted several top-level innovation awards from ENI, IEEE and is a founder and member of the Airborne Wind Energy Consortium. Kitenergy received initial scientific and seed financing support from Regione Piemonte, the Italian Ministry of Research and the European Union.
In 2017 Kitenergy won the Expo Live Innovation Impact Programme – Dubai Expo2020 and has been awarded of a Certificate of Appreciation “Our common future: Energy, Environment & Development” Expo 2017 Astana (Kazakhstan).

The vision of Kitenergy Srl is to develop the high-altitude wind energy technology to a level at which full-scale industrialization and commercialization become appealing. Kitenergy organization is structured to respond to the mentioned challenges and to achieve our vision.