About us

Kitenergy Srl was established to respond to one of the main challenges that all developed and developing countries will be facing in the near future. This challenge is represented by the production of energy from renewable sources at lower costs compared to fossil sources in order to face, on one hand, the increasing world energy demand and, on the other, the increasing pressure on the energy industry in relation to climate change issues.

Kitenergy is composed of a group of professionals ranging from a variety of disciplines including engineering, physics, mechanics, environmental science, business management.

Kitenergy professionals have worked at the development of high-altitude wind technologies since 2005 and are recognised at international level as pioneers in this field.

The vision of Kitenergy Srl is to develop the high-altitude wind energy technology to a level at which full-scale industrialization and commercialization become appealing.

Kitenergy organisation is structured to respond to the mentioned challenges and to achieve our vision.

kitenergy organization